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Shungite Water? Yes Please! but Beware

I'm a strong believer in the healing properties of Shungite mineral and also believe that drinking Shungite water is one of the best things we can do for our health and our bodies.

However it's very important to make sure we know how to make Shungite water the right way and specially use ONLY the highest quality of Shungite.

I have created many educational videos on Shungite showing you how to:

* Make Shungite Water the right way

* How to identify real Shungite from Fake, specially since the market is inundated with fakes

* I have show you the different types of Shungite and how to use them for Healing, to make Water and for EMF protection, among other things.

On this new video, I want to show you how NOT all Shungite is the same when it comes to making water with it and how extremely important is to make sure you are using only the very best quality of Shungite. I want to show you the lengthy process that it takes to clean Elite Noble Shungite and why doing this can make a tremendous difference in the Shungite you are going to use, specially if you're using it to make water.

With this video, I also want to show you the difference between top quality Elite Noble Shungite and the way is supposed to look, and one of much lower quality that hasn't been cleaned, so when you purchase your Shungite you know what to expect and should not settle for less, specially if your going to use this Shungite to make water.

Again, this is water we are going to treat and purify then ingest into our bodies, so knowing what you are buying and what you should avoid is very very important.

Myself personally, it takes me a lot of time and extreme care to clean all of my Elite Noble Shungite so you don't have to, thus providing you with the cleanest and highest quality of Shungite ready for you to make your water.

I hope you find this video educational and helpful to you. Feel free to post any questions you may have, I be happy to answer them and offer any further assistance if I can.

Thank you for watching!

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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