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Staying Positive When The World Seems So Negative

The world out there can be quite scary and negative at times, showing you the worst of humanity. It’s particularly with all that negativity being around, that we need to do everything we can, to keep our personal space positive. Myself for example my happy place is the beach, which at the moment is being closed and for months by now.

My second happy place is in a garden, reason why I love to create beautiful fairy gardens not only in my outdoors space, but even inside my home. My space is always filled with Healing Crystals and plants with bright beautiful flowers. The energy that emanates from Nature and all its elements is extremely healing and therapeutic. It clears the energy in your space and yourself! The energy of plants is always positive. The energy of Crystals is always positive. Color is very important to keep ourselves and our minds positive. Well at least to me, when I look at colorful flowers or Crystals around me, it just puts me immediately in a much better mental state. More positive, more peaceful, more balanced, more relaxed. Today I was working on a small area on my garden. I call this part “The Amethyst Fairy Garden” and is of course one of the favorite places for my dog to be;-)

I hope me sharing this picture and short video (on my IG page) brings some positive energy to your timeline today.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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