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The Crystals Of Atlantis

Specific knowledge about crystal healing originates from the times of the legendary continent Atlantis. Atlantis is today considered by many people only a myth, but indeed in the exoteric and esoteric documents of the races that followed this legendary civilization there can be found indications and valuable information of its glorious achievements and not so glorious end. On this ancient continent, the use of crystals is believed to be widespread, but when talking about it, we should bare in mind that in hardly any respect were those people resembling humans of today.

Their appearance, even their physiology and metabolism, if you like, were different from ours. Not only were those people on Atlantis able to use (and often misuse) crystalline energies, they were supposedly able to use the vital, etheric energy of the plants as directly as we are able today to make use of the heat produced by burning woods.

The technology of those people was also considered to be developed, although quite different from our usual sense of what we consider advanced technology. The advances in crystal growth and manipulation enabled the Atlantieans to synthesize crystals of gigantic proportions for various uses and purposes. They were able to employ such stones to set in motion powerful energies which in turn enabled their society to flourish. Unfortunately, as it has been somehow preserved in our collective consciousness in a vague way, Atlantis failed in a catastrophic event mostly due to the misuse of crystal's energies and some other types of energies. The science of using crystals in everyday life was known also to the Egyptian civilization. Some speculate that the pyramids could not have been erected without the use of crystal energies. The people of Egypt used lapis in jewelry production. They used lead sulfide (galena) and malachite to produce makeup. Apart from it, some sources mention emerald, carnelian and quartz as materials for carved artifacts. Egyptians knew how to use crystals to make healing portions. They used them also for magical and protective purposes, to prevent insomnia and nightmares.

Hope you enjoyed reading this information.

In LIght, Love and Empowerment

Ana Satya

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