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The Next Chapter Of My Life. Reinventing Myself, My Business & Leaving My ๐Ÿ  For The ๐Ÿš Life

The Next Chapter Of My Life

1- Restructuring My Business

2- Leaving My ๐Ÿ  For The ๐Ÿš Life

3- Reinventing Myself

Have you ever feel like you are not happy where you are in your life? Feeling stressed out? Burned out, even stuck not feeling motivated anymore, while your health is also been badly affected?

I have been feeling like that for quite sometime now and today Iโ€™m going to share with you, what Iโ€™m doing to completely transform that. Reinvent myself, my business and take control over my health.

So up to 2019 business was doing really good, to the point that I moved into a big house with a huge basement so I could have more space to keep growing my business. But then I feel like everything came down crashing on me. Due to COVID & the detrimental government response to it, small businesses got crushed. I had to close Two of my businesses & stay only with my Crystal business. Insane inflation, ridiculous cost of living created a lot more expenses while income went considerably down.

Add to that health issues, huge stress, depression & premenopausal madness, a midlife crisis was born. So one day I said to myself โ€œfuck itโ€ Iโ€™m turning all this into a midlife transformation! And reinventing myself.

Sold basically everything, put everything in storage, bought me a converted van and decided to make huge changes to โ€œunstuckโ€ myself & transform my life.

Iโ€™m leaving Miami for 3-4 months to drive my van to upstate NY, where my beautiful sister whoโ€™s my best friend, have an amazing farm. To get rid of my stress, to reclaim my health and overall well-being. To restructure my business and also help my sister with her business. To eat healthy food, run those hills up & down and get back to a place, where I feel once again healthy, whole and in balance with myself.

Iโ€™m a firm believer that we have the power to reinvent ourselves, that taking positive action can bring much needed transformation & positive change.

And Iโ€™m excited about embarking in this new adventure & creating, manifesting & writing this new chapter of my life! Because I believe that the best is yet to come, only when we believe in ourselves and take proactive action.

I will be sharing a lot more about all this soon. Via my YouTube channel, my social media at @CrystalHealthGoddess my (Business page) focused more on the business aspect of my life, and @Ana.Satya (my personal page) sharing more of my van Life Journey and more personal stuff.

Thank you for your support. Love you all.


- Ana Satya


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