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Undeniable Video Test Shows How Shungite Blocks EMF and Protects You.

I posted a couple of weeks ago a video under the same title on my YouTube channel that was inaccurate. People commented on it raising some valid concerns about the accuracy of the test made and so I created this follow up video to correct my mistake. I'm a person that when I'm wrong I have no problem in recognizing that and own to my mistakes. If I have to apologize I have no problem in doing that too, as it is the right thing to do. I will NEVER want to mislead or provide inaccurate information, so I'm grateful to those who made me aware of what I was doing incorrectly in my previous video so I could correct it.

I hope this video clarify things because my intention is to share information and educate others when it comes to crystals and crystal healing.

I sincerely believe in the powerful healing benefits of Shungite and I will continue doing more educational videos, and always welcome your comments and questions.

For more information on Shungite, please click the Shungite tab at the header of the website to learn more about Shungite, to watch educational videos and more!

I hope you find this video helpful and once again thank you for watching and subscribing to my channel. Sincerely appreciated!

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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