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We Don't Need a revolution We Need Human Evolution

I think most everybody was excited about 2020 including myself. But I don’t think any of us probably had any idea how crazy, dangerous and insane was going to be. I also think that this is actually the right time to create real change. The time for Elitism, Capitalism and Racism is over, it has to be because it’s destroying the very core of our own humanity.

We vote for politicians that looks out for corporate America and their wealthy donors with no regards for the people who voted for them. We are in part responsible here for continuing voting for people who keep failing us, in both political parties.

We have a justice system that only seems to work for the connected and privilege ones. We have a problem of systematic violence and racial profiling among the police force. Who are the ones supposed to “serve and protect” us, the people. But not all people are seen equal under the eyes of the law here in America.

Capitalism is stealing from people daily and while large corporations pay no taxes while exploiting their employees, the bailout going to them comes out of our own money. The same people living richly on our taxpayers dollars are the ones telling us a $15 minimum wage is too much for others!

The oppressor keeps oppressing. The violence keeps tearing apart communities. And people is saying enough!

This year is like everything that’s wrong with the world and humans is exploding in our faces to see if we can finally #wakeup and understand that we don’t need a #revolution but an human #evolution to create a world where everyone is truly free and justice and equality in every single way applies to ALL.

We need new progressive leaders, we need more women & minorities in government & justice departments representing us all, not just the elite and privilege ones. We need a safe and fair world for ALL people, because we are all the same and there is only one race. The Human Race! 

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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