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Why Everyone Should Have a Selenite lamp in Their Homes

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Selenite lamps are not only beautiful, they are a healing tool to bringing in the purifying white light into the body, and healing the auric field.

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum, it is a remarkably peaceful crystal. It carries a very high vibration and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner piece, and ensures a peaceful environment when placed around the home.

Selenite is an essential crystal in Feng Shui. Wherever Selenite is placed, it counteracts any negative vibration and protects against any negative influence.


  •  Selenite protects. It shields from outside influences.

  •  Selenite is one of the highest vibrating crystals.

  •  It is beneficial for the crown chakra and the 3rd eye.

  •  Selenite can be used to remove energy blocks.

  •  It has the ability to clear and recharge other crystals along with being able to cleanse and recharge itself.

  •  Reverses the effects of "free radicals" to facilitate healing at the cellular level.

 For these and many other reasons Selenite should be an indispensable crystal to have around the house, to create a safe and peaceful space.

To learn more about Selenite and why everyone should have at least a lamp in their home, click here

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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