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You don’t need to be a Victoria Secret Angel or look like a youthful swan to model or look Fabulous!

This is a message for all the middle age women out there and older. The other day I was in my garden having a glass of wine while listening to music and dancing, enjoying myself feeling just beautiful. I was wearing my jewelry feeling the amazing energy and just appreciating the beauty of Gemstones and how much I love when they sparkle with direct light, even more under the sun!

So here I was dancing under the sun, filled with color and sparkles and I thought to myself, "My goodness, no picture can ever capture the real beauty of Crystals and Gemstones, like when a person wears it in person." Yet, in my business the images I always show of my jewelry on my listings, never have pictures of me wearing the jewelry myself.

I have to be honest and tell you, and my mind went there, you know? To the self doubt negative thinking than tells you that, "You are not pretty enough to be a model, reminding you to think how many times do you see older women modeling jewelry? Not many for sure, not on commercial advertisement, TV, magazines, even social media. I'm also a 50 years young woman living pretty much under the sun, all year round, and have so many sun spots on my skin that if I was to model my jewelry I would have to use Photoshop to make the jewelry looks "pretty" right?

But I NEVER use any Photoshop on my images and I really like to represent the real way my jewelry looks, so when a customer receives it will love it the same or actually, even more in person. Enhancing colors, adding filters and using Photoshop creates a false appearance not because the Gemstones may not be real, but because the colors and look under natural light may looks very different, than when professional images are there for reference.

So anyway going back to my story, there I was loving the way I look yet not good enough for modeling publicly my jewelry? Let me tell you I'm not a drinker, and my tolerance for alcohol is very low so after my second glass of wine, I found myself not only taking pictures of myself wearing my jewelry but putting them on social media as well and under this caption below.

Dear Ana Satya you don’t need to be a Victoria Secret Angel 👼🏼 or look like a youthful swan 🦢 to model your jewelry.

Your jewelry is beautiful and you make it look absolutely fabulous.

There is a reason why you call yourself @crystalhealthgoddess ✨😉✨

This is a message from your Spirit on its second glass of wine. 🍷

Telling you to stop taking screenshots of you dancing and just put the god damn video of you dancing modeling your jewelry. 💃🏻

That Lapis Lazuli with Baltic Amber is giving you such a Goddess glow. 🌝

Ok I think I shall stop drinking wine now, well at least while on here 😅 time to go.

To the 5 people @instagram is going to show this post, if you see this, let Ana know what you think about the jewelry she is modeling on here.


LOL that was exactly the caption I wrote and now when I think and write about it, I think it's so bold and fun. We all should listen to our Spirit more, because Spirit it always knows best!

Few days forward to yesterday Wednesday, I needed to take some images of some new designs I just finished from the newest Gemstone Dainty Choker Necklaces Collection that I'm working on, and I didn't had to think twice or take a glass of wine, to model my jewelry again to show you all how beautiful it looks when wearing it;-)

These are just a sample of the Choker style necklaces I created using Lapis Lazuli in combination with other Gemstones.

I have many others new designs I'm working on currently and I will be adding them to website once I finish them all and take pictures for the listings.

I really think you are going to like the new things I have in store for you and all the beautiful new designs I'm working on and I'm always welcoming your custom orders or ideas of things you would like me to make or list in the store.

I have several requests from people asking me to create jewelry pieces with Crystals and Stones focused on Recovering from Surgery, for Pain, for depression and very specific alignments. So I'm also working on putting together specific Crystals and Stones that in combination can work great in aiding with all these alignments and more. Just like the Crystal Healing Kits I have created, well imagine something like that but in Jewelry form. I like that idea very much so it's in the works;-))

I feel the energy is changing so beautifully and so powerfully lately for me, the season of "feeling down" is over and I can without a doubt and confidence give a giant THANK YOU to my beloved Crystals and Healing Stones for always been there to bring their loving comforting healing energy to me, when I needed it the most.

I can't wait to share with you my latest "self healing project" I'm working on, but this is for another post and definitely needs to be show in video so stay tune because the more I raise my vibrational energy, the more ideas and things I feel like I want to share with you all.

Until then, thank you for reading, thank you for your continued support and know that I LOVE you all very much and I'm filled with gratitude for having you here with me;-)

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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