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My "Baltic Amber Jewelry Collection" is created using 100% Natural and Genuine Baltic Amber imported directly from Russia, just like all my Shungite.


For long time I stayed away from selling Amber Jewelry, because Genuine Real Amber is pretty expensive. However, when you google amber jewelry specially beaded, you can see that the prices are really cheap (that is because 90% of Amber in the market nowadays, is synthetic or highly treated just like Turquoise) so if people come to my site and see the real cost/value of Natural Amber, they would thinks it's too expensive, and it maybe for many, but that's just the price of Authentic Amber.  My Jewelry Collection is for the customer that knows Amber, and understands the value of paying for getting the real thing. Please make sure to check the educational page I created about Amber, the types, treatments and how this can affect price.


DESCRIPTION: Black Tourmaline with Baltic Amber Bracelet. Created using a combination of Raw Baltic Amber and Polished Baltic Amber Beads with Black Tourmaline on Stone Matrix Beads. The Raw Blactic Amber is very gently polished, so it's really comfortable to wear. The Raw Baltic Amber and Polished Beads are a mix of Burmese (Red Amber) but mostly Baltic Amber Butterscotch color (milky white to a creamy yellow shade.)


Think Protection (Black Tourmaline) and Healing (Amber.) 


If you are wondering why the Black Tourmaline beads have other colors as well, the reason is because these beads are made from Black Tourmaline on it's Stone Matrix, meaning the Stone Matrix can be composed of feldspar, quartz, Iron inclusions, Jasper, clay minerals, and mica. Making the beads even more beautiful and unique. This have the exact same properties as Black Tourmaline along any other from the minerals within the stone.


This bracelet will not only look good on you but will make you, feel good!


CRYSTALS AND STONES: Top Quality 100% Natural and Genuine. These are NOT imitation (beware of fakes) lab created dyed, or synthetic. When you buy from me, you are paying for quality and the guarantee of buying real stones. Your satisfaction is always my main priority and you will love everything you receive from me.


SIZE: Each bracelet is made using elastic cord, one size fits most.


BEAD SIZE: The Black Tourmaline beads are 8-10mm, the Baltic Amber beads are 8-14mm.


IMAGES: Images shows me wearing many bracelets at once, for display purposes only. Price is for one bracelet.


Baltic Amber Black Tourmaline Bracelet

SKU: Raw-Amber-Black-Tourmaline-Bracelet
  • AMBER: Amber is not strictly a gemstone, but fossilized tree resin. Amber is as old as time itself, dating back millions of years. And yet, it is still believed in today and used for its magnificent healing powers. Natural Baltic Amber has unique properties unlike any other amber in the world. 


    Please click HERE to learn about the Types of Amber, Treatments and the amazing healing properties of Amber.


    BLACK TOURMALINE: Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds... as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone. It also encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in. They will help you to let go of negativity and self doubts or any feelings of anxiety or negativity of any kind. The good thing about this stone is that it does not absorb negativity, but changes or alters it or transmutes it into positive energy. 

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