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DESCRIPTION: Thrilled to be able to bring to you these 100% completely Natural and Genuine Citrine Pendants. Every pendant is created using a rough Natural Citrine Crystal that have been very gently polished to smooth the Quartz, making it very comfortable to wear and soft to the touch.


PERSONAL NOTE: If you are a long time customer of mine, you know how much I value NATURAL Citrine and how incredibly hard to find it is, reason why when I get my hands on some Natural Citrine, I always keep some for myself and share the rest with my customers.  As you may know, 99% of all Citrine on the market is baked Amethyst, reason for the yellow/orange color, but REAL Citrine is of a more on the brown/honey/dark colors range and the color can also greatly change depending on the way light passes through the Crystal. This of course doesn't happen with commercial Citrine (baked Amethyst) regardles of how light hit the Crystal, which is another way to recognize Genuine Citrine from Commercial Citrine.


I have nothing against treated Citrine (which is Amethyst baked to turn the color yellow/orange to become Citrine) Not a favorite but not against either, I even created a VIDEO about this for educational purposes. BUT there is nothing like NATURAL Citrine. Mother's Earth naturally creates citrine with her geo-thermal heat source; from within the mantle, by heating amethyst or smoky quartz (both are SiO2 (quartz), just as citrine is). The Earth can also produce the deep brown citrine, aka Madeira citrine. Natural Citrine of course is a thousand times much expensive than Heat-treated citrine, its widely available and at a much lower price, in comparison.

MATERIAL: 100% Authentic Citrine Crystals From Madagascar

SIZE: These citrine pendants are between 1.5" to 2.5" inches each.


IMAGES: All images taken with my Iphone inside my studio and also outdoors on the beach with natural morning light;-)

Need a pick me up kind of crystal? Energizing uplifting energy? Not to mention Citrine is the #1 crystal to attract prosperity and abundance into one's life. And if you have a busy mind always thinking negative or over thinking type of person? Then Citrine is definitely a crystal for you. Citrine is without a doubt one of my favorite crystals for so many reasons. When I started working with crystals, my very first crystal was Citrine!These Citrine pendants are definitely for those who can appreciate genuine natural Citrine and what is worth. If you are a lover of Citrine then this pendant is a must to have, for it's energy and all the amazing properties that Citrine has.

** Please let me pick a beautiful one for you ** I guarantee you are going to love these citrine pendants.

Citrine Rough Pendants 100% Natural Genuine

SKU: natural-citrine-pendant
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