Description: If you are feeling depressed, if you are feeling down, energetically drained and that mentally you cannot control negative thinking, these crystals and healing Stones are for you. I created this crystal healing Kit with that specific intention and purpose in mind. To bring some positive healing energy to your mind and emotional body so you can feel more at ease and peace. This kit contains an amazing combination of crystals to help you relax the mind, to feel more calm, relaxed and overall more positive while feeling the comforting energy that these crystals can bring into your life and mind.


Contains: Blue lace Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Lepidolite, Amethyst, Sunstone, Citrine, Apophyllite Crystal Pyramid, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz Heart. PLUS it comes with a 100% Natural Genuine Larimar bracelet as well and a Selenite Crystal for you to cleanse and recharge your Crystals and bracelet.


Bracelet: Included is a Genuine Larimar Bracelet, made using elastic cord. One size fit most.


MEDICINE BAG: These beautiful colorful medicine bag pouches are made handmade in Nepal and they are made out of 100% Cotton. They feel very soft to the touch. They come in many different patters and colors so each one is unique. Please let me pick one for you, if you have any preference in color add a message when you place your order letting me know at least 3 of your favorite colors and I will try to pick the best one for you depending on availability. The ones on the images are for reference only.


POUCH HOW TO CLOSE/OPEN: Each bag have two strings on each size of different colors. To close the bag pull on each side of the cords that have the same color. To open the bag, pull on each side of the cord of the same color BUT the opposite color. For example is there are two strings with red and two strings with black. To close pull on each side with the red color. To open pull the string on each side with the black color.


IMAGES: Please note that the images are for display purposes only, since not two crystals are ever the same, the ones you will receive may vary a little from those on the images, same thing for the pouch.


HOW TO USE IT: Carry your pouch with you and when you feel that you need some support hold the Crystal bag in your hand or hold it in between both hands and bring it close to your heart, start breathing deeply while focusing on how good it feels to hold it in your hand. The weight of the crystals, the softness of the cotton pouch, the beautiful calming energy emanating from the crystals filling you with peace and mental clarity. When you feel better and more calm, keep your pouch in your pocket and carry it with you. At bed time, if you feel sad, alone, depressed or thinking negatively, hold your crystal healing pouch in your hand and just fall sleep while holding it.


At times you may feel like maybe grabbing an specific crystal from inside the pouch. For example to feel more  cheerful, uplifted and optimistic, hold in your hand the Apophyllite Crystal while keeping the rest of the crystals inside the bag next to you. if you want to feel more calm and stop the uncontrollable feeling of wanting to cry, then take the Blue lace Agate and The Blue Chalcedony and place them in your throat chakra. Let your inner guidance guide you on how to use this crystal medicine bag, jut know that all these crystals are and all around "feeling good and peaceful" little helpers coming to your aid.


This Crystal Pouch can be placed under the pillow at night, or you can hold it in your hand and hold it while until you fall sleep. Amethyst and Smokey Quartz are powerful removers of negative energy so it is very good idea to cleanse them often. A Selenite Crystal is included with your crystals so you can place it inside the bag with the other crystals during the day, then remove at night when using it, or you can get a Selenite charging plate and simply place all your crystals on top during the day to cleanse, recharge and get some fresh air;-)


Click on the Crystal Guide to learn more about the crystals and stones used to create this kit, and why they can be of help to you.



Crystals For Depression

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