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DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Larimar Stud earrings, created using 100% Natural and Genuine larimar Stone from Dominican Republic. Top Quality Larimar Grade AAA.


METAL: authentic 925 sterling silver.


IMAGES: Please note images are for display purposes only. I cannot take images of every single individual pair or earrings as they al varies a little, so I added a few images to display a few pairs of Larimar Stud Earrings. I guarantee you will love yours. The images are Not enhanced or altered, color may vary depending on monitor or computer used.


LARIMAR: Larimar is the embodiment of the tranquil Sea and Sky energies. Its soft, soothing blues and calming turquoise is streaked with white patterns that resemble sunlight dancing beneath Caribbean waters. It brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins to harmonize the body and soul.


Larimar is one of the most beautiful and sought after gems on the market. One of the first major intuitives and channels, Edgar Cayce, who gave readings from 1901 to 1944 predicted that a beautiful blue stone with amazing healing properties would be discovered on a Caribbean island. Larimar was discovered long after his passing in 1974. Its mineral name is blue pectolite and it is also known as "dolphin stone" or Atlantis stone". According to Melody's "Love is in the Earth," Larimar is said to emit love and a sense of peace to the wearer. It is an excellent stone to help the wearer realize their self-imposed bondages of this world and facilitate freedom and deeper understanding of the self.

Larimar Genuine Stud Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

SKU: larimar-stud-earrings
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