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DESCRIPTION: Gemstone Pendant for Cats & Dogs. Created using Mookaite, Labradorite, Antique Copper. Very easy to attach to your pet's collar with a lobster clasp.


INTENTION: Healing + Positivity + Calming Energy .


SIZE: The size is approximately 1.5 inches.


MODEL: My beautiful KIRA and NIO my black cat are the ones modeling it for you.


CRYSTALS & STONES: Top Quality 100% Natural and Genuine. These are NOT imitation, lab created, dyed, or synthetic. When you buy from me, you are paying for quality and the guarantee of buying real stones.


CUSTOMIZATION: Any pendant can be customized if desired or a brand new one can be designed just for your pet. Please contact me with any questions or special requests.

Pet Collar Pendant With Labradorite +Mookaite

SKU: Labradorite-mookaite-pet-pendant
  • MOOKAITE: These stones have been in use by the Australian Aboriginal people as a healing stone since before explorers arrived in Australia. It is a good crystal for inducing self-healing. Mookaite Jasper Crystals come in a range of beautiful earthy colors and embody a beneficial energy to slow aging. The energy of this crystal helps to raise the vibration of your body and the vibration of your thoughts that relate to aging, helping you to feel younger in your attitude to life.


    LABRADORITE: A gem for those who seek positive vibrations and those with calm minds. Labradorite is a mystic stone of transformation and magic. Using this stone when you are down or your energy has drained will help you to revive and restore it back. Labradorite is also very protective against negative energies, balancing, strengthening and protecting the aura and sealing the aura from energy leaks. Labradorite assists when facing and navigating all types of changes and challenges, attracting strength and perseverance. Labradorite is one of the best stones to use when dealing with any type of addiction or to break unhealthy (physical, mental, etc) habits.
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