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My "Shungite Jewelry Collection" is created using 100% natural Shungite beads imported directly from Russia. The main stone on each bracelet is always Shungite, secondary stones have being selected by me for their powerful, protective and beneficial metaphysical properties. All Baltic Amber used is 100% Natural.


DESCRIPTION: Shungite Copper Bracelets, created with Authentic Sungite and Genuine Copper Beads. You have to different designs to choose from.


Design A: Created with Shungite and one Copper Bead as the center piece. All beads sizes are 8mm.


Design B: Created with Shungite and multiple Copper Beads. The Shungite are 8mm and the Copper Beads are 8mm for the center bead and 6mm for the smaller Copper Beads.


MAIN STONE: Shungite




SIZE: The bracelet is created using elastic cord, so one size fits most. If you require specific size please add a note to your order and I be happy to customize for you.


IMAGES: Images can show multiple bracelets for display purposes only. I also created a short video for you to see these beautiful bracelets outdoor in natural light.



Shungite With Copper Bracelet

  • WHY SHUNGITE FOR JEWELRY IS GOOD: Wearing Shungite jewelry is the easier and best way to protect yourself from the damaging Electromagnetic Radiation from electronics. If you are a person like myself that expends a lot of time on the computer or phone, your exposure to EMR is higher. Adding to this TV's, microwaves, refrigerators, and else, our exposure increases on a daily basics.

    Read more in detail HERE why Shungite is such an incredible mineral and can greatly protect us from EMR.

    The more demand for shungite the more fake shungite you find on the market, this is why I created this video to educate people and show them how to test for shungite. Please watch it HERE

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