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Jewelry Displays


As shared in my social media pages previously, I do not like to keep my crystal jewelry inside "jewelry boxes" instead I place them on Crystal Specimens;-) Two reasons to do this. One, it looks gorgeous as a display on any place you choose to put it. Two and most important? it will recharge your crystals! After posting the pictures of the ones I have, I have a lot of customers and people in general telling me that not only this was an amazing idea, but they will love to have one! Well, you talk I listen, so I got some amazing crystal specimens "Amethyst Flowers Crystal Clusters" for you to have them. I took a few photos as a display and example for you to get an idea of what you can do with them and your own jewelry;-) 

I have nine of them, from small to larger. Each picture is divided in two, one with the crystal specimen by itself and next to it, with some of my own crystal and gemstone jewelry, for display. The possibilities are endless! Your crystal jewelry will look beautifully displayed, it will be recharged when you not using it, and most important.... your crystals are going to love it!!

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