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Crystal Healing Necklaces Blessed By The Rainbow Light

I love Crystals, I Love Jewelry and I love Nature. And I love to take pictures of my Jewelry outdoors, specially in my garden because nothing like Natural light, to give a more realistic idea of how the Jewelry piece really looks.

I have also set up a photo studio with bright lights, and of course it make the Jewelry images looks more professional and much better, but bright artificial lights, can also change the way things really are, reason why you see many people saying things like "Oh the color was nothing like in the pictures" the marketplace is filled with testimonials like this from people.

I have always try to avoid that by NEVER using Photoshop or filters on any of my photos and most often than not I take pictures right next to a big window or in my garden.

Because with Natural Light, you can see exactly the way the Jewelry looks like and know that that's exactly what you will receive as well.

A couple of days ago I was in my garden placing some of the Necklaces from my NEW Selenite Jewelry Collection on a tree branch, to take some images. I prefer early morning light because it is perfect to photography as the light is much softer than when the sun is up in the sky in full force, specially down here in Miami;-)

Then something beautiful happened that I captured on camera. I found myself mesmerized catching all those Rainbows and LIGHT! that seemed to come straight from Heaven to Bless and infuse with Positive healing Energy the Necklaces.

Ohhhh it felt so good, so beautiful, so much light, color, positive energy and the birds singing, or maybe they were just talking between themselves about which necklace they liked best. lol

But it truly felt for a moment as if the beautiful Rainbows and The White Pure Divine Heavenly Light descended, to illuminate and bless the Crystals.

I enjoy these little moments so much, I think when you put love, passion and devotion in what you do, not only it shows but it can be felt as well. I bless all my jewelry, I sage it, I carefully hand select every bead that will go into a Necklace, or Bracelet I made.

I love to combine colors and specially think about what is the intention I want to create, what is the feeling I want someone to have when wearing my Jewelry? and so I love selecting combination of Crystals and Stones to accomplish that goal and end result.

I'm going to share something with you, myself like most people I assume, love to wear Jewelry because the way it looks, but having worked with crystals for so many years now, I have also learn how to create Crystal combinations that can give me the feeling I need, when I need it the most. (That is me in the picture wearing one of the latest Multi-Gemstone Necklaces)

So if I'm feeling down even depressed, I always go for the jewelry pieces I made for that particular reason, and I DO feel the difference when wearing them, and I love the way it makes me feel.

I create Jewelry with intent, first I did it for myself and now for the past few years, I have been doing it to share the beauty and healing benefits of Crystal Healing Jewelry with others as well.

I'm already excited about my next Jewelry collection. After having so many people contacting me asking me for legit and reputable sources to buy Amber Jewelry, specially Necklaces and Bracelets, I have decided to create an exclusive Amber Jewelry Collection. A lot of the woman who have contacted me are moms looking for necklaces for their children. I'm a mom too and I sure had my son wearing Amber when he was a baby and a child, and I definitely know the importance of using REAL and 100% GENUINE Amber, because if it is not real then what's the point? Amber is beautiful yes, but people truly use Amber for it's healing properties so wearing fake Amber is like wearing nothing at all, and unfortunately the market is filled with Fake Amber.

Since I have been working with a couple companies from Russia where I get all my Shungite from, it was very easy for me to get in contact with real Amber manufacturers from the Baltic region and get some Genuine Amber. I'll start making a collection of Amber Necklaces for adults and yes for children as well. I have already put together excellent combination of Crystals and Stones to go with the Amber. I'm actually quite excited about what I'm working on it at the moment and I'm eager to share with you all soon!

Now more than ever, we need more LOVE, PEACE, and HEALING POSITIVE ENERGY and in my mind anything we do right now that can bring more of that, is much needed.

Thank you for reading and for your Love and Support.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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