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Empowering Women To Overcome Challenges and Never Stop Believing In Themselves.

Empowering Women To Overcome Challenges and Never Stop Believing In Themselves. Let Your Inner Goddess Rise Up!

They say that the best way to motivate yourself is to motivate others. So on this day I want to share a few words of encouragement for you, for me, and anyone who may need it.

Sometimes in life you going to find people who wants to see you fail. Most often than not all that negativity their portraying towards you, it really have nothing to do with you but them.

You can be the most honest, loving, caring person in the world yet the more positivity you put out there, the more negativity they projecting. It could be jealousy, it could be that they simply don't like you, or it could be that they purely evil. Unfortunately there are people like this in this world.

However as a woman that has faced so many challenges so far in this lifetime, there is one thing I wanted to tell you. Within you there is much power to overcome anything, but we must see challenges as opportunities to grow and overcome! Because my dear goddesses, the more we overcome the stronger and wiser we become.

The most important thing always is to never loose faith in yourself. To never stop believing in you as a powerful woman, and your almighty right to rise above all.

Let them do what they want to do because energetically, they are creating a karmic effect that will affect them not you.

There is a quotation someone said that I love. It said something like "there is no better revenge than to let them see you succeed." Take this to heart, and focus ALL your energy on the good, on working hard, in using this to motivate you even more to succeed. Because in the long term when you walk victoriously across that bridge, you will look back smile and feel fucking awesome about the strong powerful and beautiful woman you have become.

Stay positive, stay strong and rock your own world!

May you all have an amazing day.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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