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The way that I (MYSELF) see it, besides as a result of hereditary, or bad eating habits and environmental causes; cancer comes in many shapes and forms and it is becoming all too common. What I have noticed is, cancer is really about us holding back our energy, our creative power, and the ‘real’ us that want to do more but we feel we can’t for many different reasons. We hold back for so long and we shut down our light, slowly over time.

Energetically, it is stagnant or blocked energy. It often appears black to me, where there should be light or a colour. Putting light back in, and opening the flow into the area is what needs doing. Doing the things you really want to do, often comes to the forefront as the energy starts to flow into the area. DO IT!! You’ll feel free and often just doing ‘the thing’ makes the world of difference – literally.

During the year 2011-2012 I was going through an emotional roller coaster. I was madly in love but in a crazy relationship. See my article on Psychopath narcissist. I knew that relationship was not normal neither were his actions towards me, regardless of what his words would say; which normally were all the opposite. He loved me, or did he say, but his actions would prove the opposite. I was in such internal turmoil, an intense feeling of being lost, and mentally confused. And while I wanted to believe him and see what he wanted me to see, my spirit was internally screaming at me, "wake up'! Take the blindfold off. But I chose to believe and listen to him while ignoring my spirit and inner wisdom.

A lump on my right breast that I noticed by the end of 2011, started to grow larger. Worst than that, I started to experience an incredible discomfort and pain. As my emotional state got worst, so did my breast and all my symptoms. At some point, it became unbearable. I had this constant feeling as if I had a mass of something dark and dense, spreading inside my breast. The feeling was very intense, I remember talking to my sister over the phone, telling her it was like if I had a volcano burning inside of my breast, about to explode at any moment. I couldn't sleep; I would feel one breast completely normal and sensation-less, and the other one was unbearable to deal with the sensations I was feeling. And I knew something was wrong, something was really wrong with my right breast.

With sonograms, mammograms, CT scans and the machines the conventional medicine uses, an area affected with cancerogenous cells, looks like a dark solid mass, contained in a specific area of the body. Holistically, it’s nothing but an area of the body where the life force has been blocked and the energy is stagnant; not flowing, circulating, and not bringing blood and oxygen into the affected area.

I believe in holistic medicine and treating the Dis-eases of the body (mental, emotional and physical) with natural therapies and alternative remedies, which are created by mother earth, not man made, but that's just me. I don't believe in routine mammograms as a way to prevent breast cancer. I don't believe in chemotherapy, radiation, conventional drugs or the billion-dollar cancer industry that operates this country. I didn't want to go that road; I wanted to heal my body naturally.

When I found out that these little critters (C cells) where spreading inside my right breast in 2012, I completely refused to take the conv