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Treasures From The Ocean

I was beach shelling this morning 🐚 Something I absolutely love and enjoy doing.

Early in the morning when the sun is still gentle on your skin and the beach is barely empty, is that you will find me #shelling finding beautiful ocean treasures. Hand picked one by one by truly yours 🧜🏻‍♀️ these #oceantreasures that always find their way into our customer's orders, bringing to them with each package, not only the Positive Healing Energy of Crystals and Gemstones but the Beneficial Healing Energy of the Ocean itself.

Sea-shelling is a passion of mine and I can spend hours searching for Shells and other ocean treasures, collected from beneath the Ocean or along the Beach Shore, were I had found buried under the sand some of the most incredible pieces of Art.

The Orange and Yellow ones always catch my eye first, I have such a profound love for these colorful underwater treasures. Next thing that catches my under-ocean water eyes is Seaglass, I Love #Seaglass and I love collecting it. The stunning colors, the light that pass through the pieces of Seaglass, the way it feels to the touch.

When you go to the beach and look into the ocean, all you see is blue. We are taken away by all the beauty and the peace and serenity that you feel. Blue is a soothing calming color and when we think of the ocean, we of course think of Blue. But below the surface of that vast ocean? Ohhhhh there's such a wondrous world filled with ocean treasures, thousands of colorful seashells and glorious sea stones with some of the most unique and marvelous shapes and forms.

All these treasures are loved until they get to you so you can appreciate and love them too. A gift of Healing for you, from the Ocean and Truly yours. Look for them in your packages.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya


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