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Gemstone Jewelry Does it Has To Be So Expensive?

Posted by Ana Satya on

The answer to this question is yes and no, and I'm going to explain in detail why. When it comes to the mineral kingdom there are thousands of different Crystals and Stones. The ones used to make jewelry can be differentiated in there are two main categories, for those who may be new to this information. The first category are known as  Precious Gemstones and the second category as Semi-precious ones. Precious gemstones are Crystals such as Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanite, just to name a few. These Crystals can be very pricey, as they are considered the most valuable. However it is a great demand and desire for these Crystals, which is the reason that created the demand to make them more available at a much lower cost. In order to do this many manufacturers creates imitation crystals that are lab created, synthetic or faked in some way. The price for hese "Crystals" of course will be much lower. The same  applies to Semi-precious Stones, these can be less costly but if they are real, their true value will be definitely reflected on the price, so don't expect to buy a genuine Aquamarine or Chrysocolla piece of jewelry for under $10.

When it comes to buying Jewelry, I have always believed in a rule of thumb, and that is simply that "you get what you paid for." 

There are people that wants to purchase a genuine Turquoise piece of jewelry but don't want to pay it's value. I have had many contacting me asking me why my turquoise jewelry is so "expensive" compared to others stores. They're referring to stores they found on eBay or Etsy and the simple response to that, is because that turquoise is NOT real or genuine, reason why the price difference. Because real jewelry is priced to reflect the real value of genuine Turquoise and the other is valued according to the much inferior quality of the stone, which is many cases is not even a real turquoise stone but colored Howlite or Magnesite. 

  Additionally I always suggest people to use their judgement when looking at gemstone jewelry and apply some common sense;-) For example if you are looking to buy a sapphire ring or an emerald pendant and find them on ebay for $30 you need to automatically assume that it is fake, or synthetic or provably lab created. it may look stunning, even quite real, but I assure you a real emerald or ruby ring will never cost you $30

Now, people who are looking to buy Gemstone Jewelry simply for their beautiful appeal and look, many times do not care if the stone is real or not. Other people on the contrary care very much that the Crystals and Stones in their jewelry is real. They are looking not only to have gemstone jewelry that's beautify but because they want to benefit from the metaphysical properties of wearing the stones. In this case it is very important to make sure that the Crystal Healing Jewelry we are buying is real, or we will be throwing our money away while at the same time being scammed by unscrupulous sellers.

One of the reasons why I create educational videos to teach people about all this things, is because as shared in one of my first videos, I was personally scammed when I started working with crystals many years ago. I have created many educational videos showing how to identify real crystals from fake ones, or how to avoid being scammed, you can find these and many other videos here

  It is for all this reason that when I decided to get into this business, my number one priority was to make available genuine Crystals and Healing Stones.  ALL the jewelry you will find on my web-store, is guarantee to be 100% real and genuine. I never use synthetics, imitation, lab created, or fake crystals. And in the case where there may be an exception, such as the case of commercial Citrine vs natural Citrine, the listings will always have a disclaimer explaining that so you as a customer can make an informed decision if you want to purchase it or not. Same thing with Turquoise jewelry, 100% natural Turquoise jewelry will always be priced quite high, however stabilized turquoise (real Turquoise that have been treated) can be much less costly. I wrote an article about Turquoise that can be found here in case you want to take a look. 

I would like to end this post by giving you a few points to remember when you go about buying Gemstone Jewelry. 

1- The saying "You Get What You Paid For" is as truthful as it can be.

2- Always try to buy from trusted sources and if you find a few good sellers, stick with them even ask if they will do custom jewelry for you, this way you can make sure to get genuine gemstone jewelry and even create your own design. 

3- Always remember this, if it is too good to be true (price wise) it provably won't be true or good. 

Sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this post and as always I welcome you to contact me with any questions you may have or if you think I can be of any further assistance to you.

Much Love Always

Ana Satya

Preview Of My New Gemstone Jewelry Collection

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