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Posted by Ana Satya on

Take 20% off your entire order using coupon code: b-friday20

4 days sale! Happening 26-29 November.

Sales applies to ALL items in store including already discounted and on sale items!

Get your holiday gifts for your family, friends and love ones. Gift wrapping, handwritten gift card included upon request at no extra cost! Just add a note to your order letting me know this is a gift for someone else. Want to add a personalized message? Make sure to add a comment with your order.

Need a custom package or gift idea? Contact me and I be more than happy to create something exceptional for that special person.

Most importantly, THANK YOU for shopping and supporting small businesses! Specially during this times.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana satya

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When You’re in Pain LOVE Yourself The Secret Key To Healing

I want to be known for being real not popular and this is the reason why I created this video. I’m far from perfect or having my shit together at times but I’m honest and real and I prefer you see the real me than pretend or create an image far away from the reality. [...]

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The Strengh Of A Woman Growing & Healing When You Are In Pain

How can you be a champion for women and a role model of positivity and motivation when sometimes you, yourself feel so much pain inside and sadness? How can you support and help others when there are times when you, yourself feel so broken inside. I used to think that to be a role model [...]

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Elite Noble Shungite Jumbo Size From Russia Has Arrived

Dear customers and friends, I promised you that I will do an update every time I get a new shipment from Russia as I know many of you are waiting for the new large pieces of Elite Noble Shungite to arrive. Well, I'm happy to inform you that the shipment already arrived are I have [...]

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These Are The Best Crystals For Protection

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Selenite How To Use It Crystal Healing

I love Selenite it’s without a doubt one of my favorite minerals to have around.I love it’s beauty and vibrant white color. I absolutely love the Celestial energy that emanates from it, it does not matter if it’s in its raw form or polished. And I called celestial because that’s how it feels to me, [...]

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Testimonials For Crystal Healing For Women by @CrystalHealthGoddess

My heart feels heavy for all that’s going. We’re all trying to do our best to be a part of the solution and not the problem. We are all coming together to create the real change we desperately need.I’m hopeful and I know that together? We can do this. I always try to be and [...]

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We Don't Need a revolution We Need Human Evolution

I think most everybody was excited about 2020 including myself. But I don’t think any of us probably had any idea how crazy, dangerous and insane was going to be. I also think that this is actually the right time to create real change.The time for Elitism, Capitalism and Racism is over, it has to [...]

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Staying Positive When The World Seems So Negative

The world out there can be quite scary and negative at times, showing you the worst of humanity. It’s particularly with all that negativity being around, that we need to do everything we can, to keep our personal space positive.Myself for example my happy place is the beach, which at the moment is being closed [...]

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The Forgotten Ones During Coronavirus Women

Today I had a moment of awareness that inspired me to make this video. My sole intention is to use my words to bring a positive message to all the women who find themselves in unhealthy relationships and specially during this time, to those who are trapped inside their homes with their abusers. [...]

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