Best Crystals For Childbirth and Delivery

The Stuff of Legends About 40 Powerful Ayurvedic Ingredients To:

  • Get natural, Ayurvedic support in dealing with discomfort

  • Massage tired muscles and joints

  • Promote longevity

  • Get the most suitable safe and natural external support in extending positive energy to your body


Are there Crystals and Stones that can help a woman during childbirth? The answer to that is yes;-) One thing many people don't know about me, is that for many years I worked as a professional in the childbirth field. I'm a Certified Doula, Certified Hypnochildbirth Educator, and a Certified Lactation Consultant. For many years I helped women bringing their babies into this world, focusing mainly in natural childbirth and home births.

One thing I wish that I knew back then, was about crystals and to had the knowledge I have now. I would have definitely use them, not only to help me in my very own childbirth, but with my clients as well, during all those years I assisted during the childbirth and delivery of their precious babies.

Today after many years working with crystals many women have asked me, if there are any Crystals that could be used for childbirth and delivery. This is the reason why I made this crystal healing pouch, created with crystals that are said to support a laboring woman during childbirth.


To make it even more convenient and easy to use, all the Crystals and Stones comes inside this beautiful pouch that is made using a 100% cotton, a super cute soft pouch handcrafted in Guatemala. Perfect to keep your Crystals and Stones safe and protected, also making very easy to grab and just hold the Crystal Kit in your hand. You can also add the Crystals to your room or the place you set to bring your precious baby into this world,


Below you will find the best crystals included in this Crystal kit and that you should have with you, during childbirth.


POUCH: The beautiful pouch used to place the crystals in, is made out of 100% cotton. Handcrafted in Guatemala by artisans, each one is handmade and come in different colors. If you have preference for some colors, please let me know when you place your order so I can try to pick one that have some if not all the colors you like. if no note is included, I will intuitively choose one for you. This pouch measures 4 x 3 and it is very soft, making it feel wonderful when you hold it in your hand.

BRACELET: Included in this crystal kit, is a Green Moss Agate bracelet. They are made in elastic cord, one size fit most.



AMETHYST: Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer for cooling down the mind and emotions and alleviating a multitude of physical, mental and emotional imbalances.It is a natural tranquilizer and enhances higher states of consciousness. It dispels anger, fear, anxiety, eases pain, headaches and relieves tension. It's thought to promote fertility & protect pregnancy.


The strong healing energy of Amethyst can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to love energy. Overall it is a healer beyond measure for practically everything.

MOONSTONE: before, during and after childbirth. Help relieve stress fear and tension during childbirth makes for a smooth delivery. Moonstone is the Divine Feminine stone; it works with the moon and cycles, covers shifting energies from fertility to preparing the womb for conception, then to providing smooth process and easiness in pregnancy and childbirth and with breastfeeding.