If so, you have come to the right place. On this page I'm going to share with you all the BEST Crystals for protection and why. You will learn about the metaphysical properties of all of these Crystals and Stones and how you can use them. I'll also share with you some of the Crystal Healing Kits I created for this purpose.


I hope you enjoy the information I share with you and that you find it helpful and informative.


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Ok so let's get to the information you came here for.

What Are The BEST Crystals For Protection?


One of the things I'm most inspired and guided to work with is creating protection crystal healing kits. There was a time in my life when I was surrounded by so much negative evil energy, it truly almost cost my life. It deeply affected me emotionally, mentally and made me get physically sick, really sick.


Sometimes getting away from malicious people in our lives is not enough. If you were in a relationship with a malevolent being as I was, their energy can get trapped inside you. Specially if you shared intimacy with them.


Furthermore, you can become a victim of psychic attack. Which is one of the most damaging things you can experience, because you may not even be aware of it. You must feel tired, without energy, morally down, even depress! You just feel like there is a dark cloud over your head, and don't even know how to explain the feeling or understand what is happening to you. The mind takes a life of it's own and negative thinking and confusion, takes over your mind.


I have personally experience this for over two long years (you can read more HERE) it's at that time, that by divine grace crystals came into my life and I started working with them finding great great success and personal satisfaction.


There are many crystals that can be used and are wonderful to aid you in protecting yourself, your energy field, your aura and your spirit.

Crystals and Healing Stones have become a part of my daily life. I wear jewelry created with specific crystals for protection, I sleep with crystals,  have protection crystal grids in my house and have specially grid my bed. Why? you may ask, because when we're sleeping, energetically and  subconsciously,  we are more open and vulnerable to psychic attack by other's energies, evil intentions and all that negative vibration been redirected at us.

Keep a piece of a Black Tourmaline always with you for protection. Use the recommended crystals and Stones below to place have them around your house, office or work space (many times that is the place filled with the most negativity from coworkers or even the boss) I know many of you knows already what I'm talking about because you have experience it yourselves.

Others are just beginning to learn about the wonderful world of crystals and their magnificent healing and metaphysical properties. If you landed in this page looking for crystals for protection, there is a bit chance that everything I'm talking so far, ring a bell to you. 

Protection Crystal Healing Kits For You.

The Crystals and Stones below are the BEST to protect ourselves, our space and our homes from unwanted energies.

FIRE AGATE: This fiery stone has a protective energy quite unlike most other stones. The vibration of this crystal brings through the flow of spiritual energy... and this flows through your entire being. Its energy resonates within you... firing a spiritual blaze, yet its vibration is quite calming, and brings through feelings of safety and security.


This crystal has a powerful energy that aids you if have been working on your spiritual growth, as it aids authentic spiritual practices. This beautiful agate is known for its action to create a powerful shield around the body, that confers psychic protection. Its energy will assist you if you like to work with high crystal energy stones. This crystal may also serve to lighten the amount of fear that you might be feeling when an attack of any sort is happening to you. It has a soothing energy that makes you feel calm, safe and secure. It may be beneficial to keep a piece of this stone on this can help you to feel more relaxed and confident that this will not happen to you.


Fire Agate has a deep connection to the earth and brings strong grounding energy. It calms, bringing security and trust, and support in difficult times. Its protective properties build a shield around the body against ill-wishes, returning the harm back to its source, so the source may understand its effects. Fire Agate provides the motivation required to overcome harmful addictions, lending courage and confidence, and prevents exhaustion that often accompanies such changes. Agate is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with well-being. It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one's own truth.


 Agate stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Its cleansing effect is powerful at all levels. Fire Agate represents the spiritual flame of absolute perfection, dispelling fear at the deepest level of the inner being.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds... as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone. This is one of the most popular crystals to be used for metaphysical purposes. Many people believe this is the best protection stone that you can use, it also encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in. They are wonderful aids to both the professional healer and the average person who wants a stone that will be a positive force for good in your life... as it creates a positive attitude and mindset.


Having the vibration of Black Tourmaline stone within your aura for as long as possible each day is to your advantage. They will help you to let go of negativity and self doubts or any feelings of anxiety or negativity of any kind. If it is not possible for you to have them on you during the day, it would be advantageous, to at least have a couple of these stones in the bedroom.


The good thing about this stone is that it does not absorb negativity, but changes or alters it or transmutes it into positive energy. This means it improves the vibration of the air where it is located. Keeping it in the bedroom will help you to sleep better and wake more refreshed. It is powerful for healing and for psychic protection and spiritual purposes. You may  have times when you feel negative, or when you encounter other people who are giving off vibrations that are not pleasing to you. Although wearing stones as jewelry is the easiest way to keep a piece of the stone on your body, if this is not possible keep a piece of the stone in the room with you... as this is very helpful.


Important note about Black Tourmaline: I know that there are stones that send back the negative energy... but this stone will not do that unless it has inclusions of mica in it. Many people are not aware that normal Black Tourmaline simply changes negative energy to positive energy. But if it also contains mica, it will send bad feelings back to the person who sent it, allowing the sender to realize what has occurred. The best stone to use to send negative energy back to where it came from is Fire Agate, so you may like to combine these together.