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Educational Videos

In my effort to help you learn more about crystals I have created some educational videos about Crystals and Crystal Healing, that I hope you find interesting and even helpful. If you want to see more videos than the ones here, please visit my YouTube Channel.

VIDEO #1 How To Make Shungite Water The Right Way

VIDEO #2 Answering Your Questions From My Video On How To Make Shungite Water The Right Way.

 VIDEO #3 Pink Amethyst? But all Amethyst is purple right? The answer will surprise you!

VIDEO #4 Ancient Stones vs Newly Discovered Stones and Man-Made Ones. Let's Get This Right Once and For All.

VIDEO #5 New To Crystals? Learn How To Avoid Being Scammed and About Fake Crystals.

VIDEO #6 The BEST Crystals For Beginners and Why.

VIDEO #7 Amber Real Or Fake Great Test Video Shows Easy Ways For You To Know.

VIDEO #8 Showing You Some Beautiful Natural Emeralds.

VIDEO #9 Not feeling anything with Crystals? watch this video.

VIDEO #10 Shungite Types and Their Uses PLUS Answering More Of Your Questions.

VIDEO #11 Shungite Is Going To Disappear and Here Is Why.

VIDEO #12 BEWARE of FAKE Shungite Here is How To Know If It's Real.

VIDEO #13 Andara Crystals The Biggest SCAM Ever No One's Talking About.

 VIDEO #14 Andara Crystal SCAM I Must Speak Up On How I Feel.

VIDEO #15 Great Tips To Pick The Right Crystals For Healing.

VIDEO #16 Prosperity Success Money Wealth Can Crystals Help You Attract That?

VIDEO #17 Put This On Your Plants and be AMAZED! For Healthy Thriving Beautiful Plants.

 VIDEO #18 How To Identify Good Sellers To Buy From

 VIDEO #19 How Did I Got Into Crystals The Video You Have Been Waiting For

 VIDEO #20 The Best Advice I Can Give To Women

VIDEO #21 Best Way To Use Healing Crystals

VIDEO #22 Smokey Quartz Natural or Artificially Irradiated


VIDEO #23 Citrine Real or Fake This Is How To Know

VIDEO #24 Amazing Pink Amethyst New Find

VIDEO #25 More Pink Amethyst & Nature For Your Enjoyement

VIDEO #26 Coronavirus Helpful Information For You


VIDEO #27 Coronavirus Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, can Crystals really be of help? 

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