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Shungite FAQ

I have extensively talk about the miraculous healing properties of Shungite mineral and created many educational videos that can be found here. On this page I will focus on answering some of the most frequent questions people have asked me about Shungite. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Question #1- Is all Shungite the same and are there different types of Shungite?

Answer- Yes, there are three types of Shungite please see below

1- TYPE I: Elite Noble Shungite also known as Silver Shungite.

Type I occurs as a black, vitreous mineral with a semimetal-lic, silvery shine. it contains 98 percent organic carbon. This is the most scarce form since it amounts for only 1 percent of all shungite that it is found. It can be easily identify because of its conchoidal fractures. Ocre colored inclusions are jarosite, a basic sulfate of iron formed from the oxidation of pyrite. 

Carbon Content is 98%

2-  TYPE II: Black Shungite

Type II occurs as a black mineral. This is the kind of shungite most often used to make objects because, unlike type I, it can be easily shaped and polished (giving it a brilliant shine). This Shungite contains 50 percent to 70 percent organic carbon.


Carbon Content 50-70% 

3- TYPE III Petrosky Shungite

Type III is called approximately 70-80% carbon. Petrovsky Shungite and this is the shungite used during the time of Peter the Great. It is very rare. Even though it has a very high carbon content, it can be ground, shaped and polished into different forms such as beads and jewelry. This Shungite contains 70 percent to 80 percent organic carbon.

Carbon = 70-80%

Please note on my website I do not sell Petrosky Shungite. I sell only Elite Noble Shungite To make water and in jewelry form and then the TY II Black Shungite. There is a full catalog of products created with this Shungite. You will find them in Polished form or in it's natural rough form.excellent quality.

Question #2- Is there anything I need to do when I get my Elite Noble Shungite?

Answer- Yes, I always recommend for you to clean the Elite Noble Shungite you get BEFORE making water with it. Doing this is very simply, when you get your Shungite you may notice some of them may have some "brown dirt" on them, this is very normal. Please place your Elite Noble Shungite immersed in regular water. Leave them there for a few hours, then grab a "soft toothbrush" and gently brush each and every piece, while still inside the water. You will notice that with the toothbrush is very easy to remove the "brown dirt" or Earth deposits that may be adhered to the shungite.

Question #3- After seeing your pictures on your website, with the brown dirt floating in the water (this is for the regular Shungite stones) how long should I leave them in water to see if they good or not, as your pictures show?

Answer- I always recommend for you to place the shungite stones for at least 48-72 hours inside water. If after this time you see the stones turning the water "dirty" as the picture shows above, DO NOT USE THEM to make water. Those are the low grade shungite and NOT the recommended to make or treat drinking water. Again ELITE NOBLE SHUNGITE is the best one recommended to make shungite water. NOW, this doesn't mean the stones are not good to use or you should get rid of them. Shungite is excellent for many reason and have many amazing uses. Place them around the house in any place you have electronics, such as the TV, computer, phones. Also on the kitchen next to microwaves, the fridge, and any TV's you may have as well. Please read the shungite information I have on my website to see the many health benefits of Shungite and how you can use them.

Question #4- How many Elite Noble Shungite I need to make water? What if I want to make one little or small bottle of water, how many I need?

Answer- As explained above the reason why I have a large GLASS Drinking Jar (jarade) that can be filled with 2 gallons of water. The reason why I always have such a large jar with shungite water ready is because to make shungite water, the elite noble must be in the water for at least 8 hours, to cleanse and treat the water. So it is easier to fill small bottles of water from here, or a simple glass. IF you do this with a small bottle of water, let's say 8 to 16oz once you drink that water you will have to make shungite water again, taking a minimum of 12-48 hours leaving you with no shungite water while you await. This is the reason why making shingle water in small containers or bottles, is not the ideal or convenient. 

Get yourself a larger glass container such as the one I have and show in the pictures, it can easily be found in Homegoods, Ross stores, wayfair, overstock, ebay or amazon. I drink from this large jarade everyday, then at night I add new water to it. This way the shungite is doing it's job during the entire night, so when I wake up is ready;-) 

As for how many you need, remember this 100 x 1 that is 100 grams per 1 litter. In the store you will find 3 different sizes of Elite Noble Shungite to choose from. Some people prefer to buy the smaller pieces Elite #1 since these weight between 4-8 grams each you will have to use about 12 pieces per liter. Other customers prefer big chunky pieces and may use just one piece. It is up to you, just remember the formula and think in terms of grams to liter. 100 x 1

Other sizes available up to 100 grams per piece, see store for more.

Question #5- What is the size of the Elite Noble Shungite you sell? I know you sell them per piece, so how big is one piece?

Answer- In my store you can find many different sizes of Elite Shungite. The 8-10 pieces of Elite recommended to use per litter are approximately between 4-8 grams each, these can be found here Elite Noble Shungite For Water Purification Size #1 Sizes and shape may vary as they are all irregular sizes, see images for better understanding. You can also  

Question #6- One of the questions I get asked often as well is about shungite been acidic or alkaline for water.

Answer- If you talk to experts in Russia as I had, they will tell you that shungite water is acidic. The more shungite is left into water the more acidic it will become. When I asked about the shungite river in Russia been known for it's healing properties and purity of water, their answer was that this water (in the river) is flowing, contrary to water that is still in a jar or container. Hence making the water to become even more acidic. This in itself makes sense, at least to me. However and based on test that I have done (see images of testing acidity in different water above) I have done shungite water and it has turned my water from acid to alkaline, that is what the test strips showed when tested. I believe this could be because the water I initially used BEFORE adding the elite noble shungite was extremely acid, so the shungite not only removed contaminants but helped the water to become more alkaline as well. I recommend for you to do your own testing and experiment with different waters. The important thing here is to know is that shungite water is very healthy for you.




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